Vicoustic: 250 Tons of Plastic Recycled into Acoustic Panels

VMT and VicPET Wool are solutions made from PET bottles

Vicoustic: 250 Tons of Plastic Recycled into Acoustic Panels
13/02/2020 - With VicPET Wool as the new primary raw material, Vicoustic is becoming a game changer in the acoustic panels market. Consisting of mainly recycled plastic waste (65%), VicPET Wool is specifically designed to optimise acoustic performance while not adding glue, fabric or chemical fire retardant.

"Since we started production with this new raw material, we have manufactured state-of-the-art acoustic panels using more than 250 tons of plastic waste, an equivalent to roughly 22 Million standard PET bottles (500ml) being recycled."
Through extensive research and testing, Vicoustic fine-tuned this material into the Virtual Material Technology (VMT), using an innovative dyeing technology, which allows to simulate concrete, marble, wood and other materials. It is washable, resistant, and easy to cut. It also provides a great acoustic solution to implement in any setting, ranging from studios and home theatres to workspaces, hospitality, retail, education and even at private homes. VMT can be found across a wide range of products such as: Flat Panel VMT, ViClouds VMT, VicWallpaper VMT, VicOffice, and Vixagon VMT.

Producing acoustic solutions in an environmentally conscious way has been at the forefront of Vicoustic’s mind, gradually replacing foam-based products with VicPET Wool, leading the way for the use of sustainable materials.

Among the use of recycled and recyclable materials, Vicoustic’s new line of products takes a holistic approach into account by fully integrating its acoustic performance with other sustainability goals, such as air quality, human safety and health. Therefore, VicPET Wool meets EuroClass B fire regulations and safety standards. It is a low emitting VOC material ensuring air quality to the rooms where it is installed and it is also certified by OEKO-TEX 100 Standard, i.e. meeting the human-ecological requirements presently established for baby articles.

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Vicoustic: 250 Tons of Plastic Recycled into Acoustic Panels

Vicoustic: 250 Tons of Plastic Recycled into Acoustic Panels

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