LUCTRA: Perfect Light Anywhere

Biological light @ Light & Building 2018

LUCTRA: Perfect Light Anywhere
07/03/2018 - LUCTRA® is the brand for good working light in the office or at home, combining new technologies and scientific findings concerning the effect of lighting on humans. LUCTRA® once again presents its entire range of table and floor lamps as well as mobile lamp on the Light & Building.

No matter where and when – light is one of the most vital factors in daily life. It helps us with our daily work. Good light illuminates things, but scientists have discovered long ago that it can do much more. Good light ensures a well-balanced daily rhythm, it makes us happy and successful.

The innovative LUCTRA® lighting system from DURABLE applies latest findings about the biological effect of light and puts them to practical use for the illumination of individual office workplaces. The LUCTRA® product portfolio currently consists of two floor and two table lamps and a mobile lamp. In all models, cold white and warm white LEDs with an illuminance of up to 1,000 lux and extremely even light distribution ensure that the illumination at the workplace has a quality very close to that of daylight. This enhances human well-being and supports productive work.

LUCTRA® range
All models are equipped with the intelligent VITACORE® electronic system, which offers users intuitive access to the LUCTRA® functions. High-quality components control the lamp precisely and reliably. The brightness and colour of the light can be adjusted with a high degree of accuracy simply by placing a finger on the touch panel. Via two integrated USB ports, smartphones and tablet PCs can be charged on the lamp. The free VITACORE® app turns LUCTRA® into a flexible lighting tool: It contains a pre-set daylight sequence, which automatically varies the colour and intensity of the light and thus simulates the development of natural light in the course of the day.

Short-term maximum illumination is possible by activating the boost function. This function is switched off automatically after 30 minutes.
To exploit the potential of LED technology to the full, the lamp heads with their open cooling fins are not only attractive housings for the illuminant, but integral parts of the LED concept as well. By dissipating the heat very effectively – the operating temperature of the heads never rises above 40°C – their very design guarantees a long service life of more than 50,000 hours (5 year warranty included) and consequently a genuinely sustainable design, even apart the well-known low power consumption of LEDs. The lamps’ long service life is also enhanced by the self-locking joints specially developed for LUCTRA®, which operate without the normal locking screws or complex mechanisms. Nevertheless, the table lamp radiates its light in any desired direction without jerking and stands firmly. It withstands up to 50,000 movements without readjustment.

All models are available in RADIAL or LINEAR design. The RADIAL form is the harmoniously unpretentious alternative to the self-assured, progressive design of the LINEAR models. The colours aluminium, black and white are available to choose from.

The 75-cm-high TABLE PRO table lamps are well designed down to the smallest detail, and crafted with utmost care to offer unique comfort. This starts with the extremely easy adjustability of the joints and goes a long way further than just the comfortable programming of a personal lighting sequence by app.

The entry-level model is also carefully tailored to meet the needs of an offi ce workplace. With few exceptions, it comes with the same attributes as the PRO model, which is ten centimetres taller, and contributes to making work easy on a permanent basis. The light intensity can be adjusted for fi ve levels, the light colour in three: 2,700 kelvin, 3,600 kelvin and 6,500 kelvin. The touch panel interface ensures easy operation.

Anyone who prefers a clean desk does not have to go without the benefi ts of LUCTRA® lighting. From a maximum height of 1.80 metres, the FLOOR fl oor lamp models illuminate every workplace with the same, unmatched even light as all other LUCTRA® models, and they set visual highlights as well. Thanks to high-end LEDs and VITACORE®, the biological effectiveness of the light combined with easy operation of the lamp is a given Whoever has a LUCTRA FLOOR lamp standing next to their desk will like going to work and leave the offi ce with the good feeling of having accomplished something without being exhausted.

Well rested, in top form, focused and in a happy mood – this is how great things can be achieved in a joint effort. FLOOR TWIN provides exactly the right light for effi cient teamwork and illuminates two workplaces simultaneously. Optimal direct or indirect lighting for several workplaces. The individually adjustable lamp heads ensure maximum fl exibility, since their light intensity and colour temperature can be adjusted individually to the needs of each user. In this way, teamwork becomes even more fun.

The youngest lamp in the LUCTRA range is the cordless biologically effective lighting solution for mobile working in the office or at home. The integrated lithium-ion battery powers the lamp for up to 25 hours. LUCTRA® FLEX gives you complete freedom when choosing where to work, without compromising on the quality of the light. The lamp head can be rotated 180° for direct or indirect lighting. The rubberised protective sleeve is height adjustable for stable and secure hold in all positions. With a height of 136 cm, the cordless workplace lamp weighs a manageable 2 kg. In addition to the usual colours aluminium, black and white, LUCTRA® FLEX is available in the special edition colour orange.

LUCTRA on Archipproducts.comLUCTRA: Perfect Light Anywhere

LUCTRA: Perfect Light Anywhere

LUCTRA: Perfect Light Anywhere

LUCTRA: Perfect Light Anywhere

LUCTRA: Perfect Light Anywhere

LUCTRA: Perfect Light Anywhere

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