Inalco in the Heart of Valencia

MDi surfaces at Mercado Colón and Cevisama Trends

Inalco in the Heart of Valencia
13/02/2020 - Inalco has presented its new MDi surfaces in Mercado Colón of Valencia and in Cevisama Trends.

In Mercado Colón, Inalco has designed for seventh year in a row a temporary exhibition. Under “the essence” concept, Umbra collection has dressed a space in which the valencian chef Miguel Martí has tested the resistance of the product, cooking and serving directly on it in an exclusive event for Inalco partners.

In Cevisama Trends, a new exhibition space within Cevisama for interior design brands, Inalco has presented the latest trends in decorative surfaces with the Umbra collection as main protagonist too.

Inalco on

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