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19-22 五月 2019 / 美国, 纽约



New York
New York


Lights in Bloom: Hollis+Morris @ ICFF
Blå Station @ ICFF 2019
Articolo in the Heart of New York City
'Creation from Destruction': Stickbulb Lighting
Light Theatrics by Marc Wood
Unusual Material Combos and Contrasting Shapes
Introducing Effe and its New Wellness Range
Japanese Zen Gardens Become Geometric Patterns
Arper's Human-Centric Designs
Experimenting with Circular Diffusion
Opera Contemporary @ ICFF
Caught in the Middle: Retro Meets Modern
Charming with Light: Woka @ ICFF
Maintenance-Free Minimalism Inspired by Nordic Islands
Sensorial Textures that Highlight and Captivate
Graphic Gradients and Contrasting Hues
EVER Life Design in NYC to Put the Fun in Functional
Artifort Unveils Three New Designs in New York
Graphic Lines, Smart Materials, Fresh Hues
Geometric Wooden Weaves and Juxtapositions
Generous and Airy: MOJOW @ ICFF
Ocrùm's Emotional Materials: Bright Shadows @ ICFF
TON: A Fusion of Nature and Geometry
Lorette Steps Out in New York
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