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09-14 四月 2019 / 意大利, 米兰





A Slender Graphic Mark Conceals the Light Source
David Lopez Quincoces for Oluce
Fluid and Technological. Light by Cini&Nils
Glass and Metal: Light According to Fabbian
Technology, Simplicity and Timelessness
Catellani & Smith New Collection
Vitruvio and Interweave: Light Takes Shape
Swallows of Light by Serip
Rossini Illuminazione: New Collections
Bover Presents the New Outdoor Collection
ANDlight: Light and Matter
Light and Porcelain: Novelties by Lladró
Aaro: Magician Simon Schmitz's Levitating Lamp
The Ironic and Unexpected Idea Of Marcantonio
Technique and Decoration
Luminous Labyrinths and Sensory Weaves
Bomma Shines Through Crystal at Euroluce
Elastica: Geometries and Light
New Lighting Scenarios by Sebastian Herkner
pulpo's Glass Dimensions and New Collaborations
Designs to Download and Print in 3D!
Hush and Ciclo: Multi-Functional Light
In-es.artdesign Collections at Euroluce
'Immersion': Myths and Inspiration from the Deep Blue


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