509 Acoustic wall panels

The decorative acoustic panels absorb and deaden the noise, carrying out as primary function the soundproofing of the house. These panels can be made with different shapes and materials and are usually installed directly in the construction phase. A building material that also becomes a decorative element: this is how the models of decorative acoustic panels available are products capable of combining functionality and aesthetics, offering the market a series of models, colours, materials and different shapes, capable of furnishing a space and isolating it acoustically with versatile and practical solutions. From fixed acoustic panels to removable acoustic panels, you can now choose the product that best meets your needs.

Sound absorbing panels that combine functionality and aesthetics

Until recently, acoustic panels were an integral part of the building envelope, indispensable to protect against sounds and noises. Therefore, more importance was given to functionality, neglecting the aesthetic factor. Today, on the contrary, aesthetics is no longer a detail and for this reason we have developed decorative sound absorbing panels for interiors. From the most unusual and original shapes, made with different materials and in an infinite number of colours and variations: starting from acoustic panels in fabric - among the latest trends there are systems of several sound-absorbing elements in felt and wool - to soundproof paintings in plastic and leather, there are many solutions to be adopted to absorb the noise and reverberation inside a house.

Interior and exterior: acoustic panels for all types of walls

The outdoor solutions of sound absorbing panels are different from the indoor ones. Unlike the former, in fact, the panels for interiors are perfectly visible and for this reason they must comply with certain aesthetic criteria, together with the right ratio between thickness and effectiveness. For this reason they should not be too cumbersome. A valid proposal in this field is represented by the sound absorbing adhesive panels, to be easily glued to the wall, together with modular panels to be inserted into the joint. Among the most original solutions there are certainly acoustic panels in leather, an interesting solution, which should however respect a certain type of furniture.

Dressing walls with sound absorbing panels: an eco-friendly solution

Acoustic panels are generally eco-friendly and made with sustainable materials. This is why manufacturers prefer fabrics, vegetable fibres, glass wool, wood and cork. These panels are available in a wide range of colours, often derived from natural pigments extracted from flowers, soil and plants. There are also products made by combining different materials: the decorative three-dimensional acoustic panels in wood and concrete are among them. The wood fibre provides excellent insulation and sound absorption, while the cement guarantees resistance to humidity and fire protection. ... More ... less


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