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Melksham / United Kingdom

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Inspiring designs to help people do great things.
Is it a person? A company? Aren’t they makers of the Aeron Chair? Didn’t they kick off American modernism? Did they invent the cubicle?
Herman Miller is all that—and more. But here’s the main thing they want you to know about them: Herman Miller make beautiful and useful furnishings designed to make your experience at home, at work, and out in the world richer, and more meaningful.
Herman Miller is a pioneer in design and continues to usher in new ways of living and working, just as they’ve done repeatedly for the past 110-plus years. The ergonomic office, green building, authentic design, lean manufacturing, American modernism itself: Herman Miller—and the designers they work with—had a hand in shaping it all.
While headquartered in Michigan in the United States, Herman Miller has been having good ideas from all over the world for the last century. With design and manufacturing in five continents, they don’t let geography stand in their way. Their founder, D.J. De Pree, instilled in Herman Miller a willingness to abandon themselves creatively to the influence of others. That’s why they’ve built relationships with designers such as George Nelson, Yves Béhar, Studio 7.5, and many others. Their fresh thinking combined with a century of know-how has resulted in a portfolio unrivalled in its diversity, utility, and appeal.
Herman Miller’s manufacturing facilities use the best, most sustainable materials and follow world-class lean practices to ensure quality and enable them to build your order to your exact specifications. Every Herman Miller product is tested for durability and backed by the Herman Miller warranty—their promise to stand behind it.
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